office ban architecture+urbanism: one-man bussiness, European bureau of our time, spider in the web, pivot of the process


office ban architecture+urbanism aims in each order at the maximum result , from every point of view and according to your wishes


The base for good results is to know what the client really wants. So each project starts with a good talk. Then inspiration and elaboration  follow. A concerned principal guarantees the best results


office ban architecture+urbanism will surprise you with original solutions. We shall prove you that a solid and beautiful building is not necessarily an expensive building. By employing BIM (building information modelling systems) in cooperation with our partners we are able to accurately estimate all costs at an early stage, thus avoiding unpleasant surprises later on in the process.


As for architecture we go for timeless building, in our view the most durable approach for builded sites. We do not believe in buildings serving the original purpose for ever. That is why we include flexibility, so that future changes of function can be relatively simply  met with.


In our opinion no architecture can be successful without a thorough analysis of the builded setting. Therefore we are not only concerned with the looks and functionallity of a building, but from the first  moment we involve its surroundings.


To execute orders we secured the cooperation of experienced partners and advisors.